Financial Support Specific

Financial Aid Office

Location: A-129 Murphy Hall

Phone Assistance: (310) 206-0400 Hours: Mon-Wed, Fri 10 AM – 3 PM visit their contact page for more information

Description: Assists with completing the application for financial aid, determining level of need and offering financial aid to meet educational expenses.

Financial Education, Loan and Support Services

Loan Services Unit

Location: Suite 106 Strathmore Building


Phone Assistance: (310) 825-9864

Description: Electronic loan disbursement, Paper loan check disbursement, Parent PLUS Loan disbursement, Online Debt Management Session/Entrance Exam, Exit Interview packaging and counseling, Campus-based loan document processing, Short-term loans, Budget counseling.

Debt Management Services Unit

Location: A227 Murphy Hall


Phone Assistance: (310) 794-2812

Description: Call for loan repayment counseling, Campus-based student loan repayment, Temporary alternative payment plans, Deferments, Cancellations, debt management counseling, Resolution of delinquencies, Delinquent long and short-term loan recovery, Campus delinquent debt recovery, Exit papers.

Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) Unit

Location:Suite 106 Strathmore Building

The Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) provides support and guidance to students who have self-identified, or are identified by UCLA faculty or staff, as experiencing a financial crisis that impacts their academic success at UCLA. ECRT aims to efficiently, compassionately and discreetly:

  1. Provide a seamless and individualized response to UCLA students in extraordinary financial crisis.
  2. Develop proposals for actions to examine (and revise, when appropriate) university policies and office protocols in order to improve students' ability to manage their financial situations and avoid economic crisis.

For information on ECRT resources such as the emergency meal plan, emergency housing and other financial crisis support or to contact the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) directly, please visit their website.


UCLA Student Accounts Office

Location: 1121 Murphy Hall

Hours: Mon-Fri

Phone Assistance: (310) 825-9194

Description: UCLA Student Accounts oversees billing and collections for all student and various non-student accounts for UCLA. They offer a variety of services, including customer service and support to billing customers via phone, email and in-person; billing and collections for all student registration fees, campus charges including Housing and Transportation fees; billing and collections for various non-student and sponsorship accounts; disbursement oversight including refunds with approved disbursement amounts by Financial Aid; management of 1098-T tax reporting.

Wescom Credit Union

Location: Ackerman 1st Level

Hours: Mon-Fri 10 AM - 5 PM

Phone Assistance: (310) 689-5077

Description: An UCLA-partnered nonprofit financial institution offering financial literacy resources for UCLA students, banking accounts, and loan options.

University Credit Union

Location: Ackerman A Level

Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5 PM

Phone Assistance: (310) 477-6628

Description: A nonprofit financial institution with financial literacy resources for UCLA students as well as different banking account, tuition and textbook scholarships, and loan options.

UCLA USAC Financial Supports Commission (FSC)

Location: 300A Kerckhoff Hall

Description: Student run, FSC is a branch of UCLA student government that advocates for students’ financial needs. They have created loan programs, host workshops, connect with external partners and brainstorm student initiatives. For information on how to join or attend a meeting please send the commissioner an email.


Instagram: @usacfsc

Student Legal Services

Location: A239 Murphy Hall

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Phone Assistance: (310) 825-9894

Description: Provides low-cost confidential legal counseling and assistance regarding a wide range of legal issues to all currently registered and enrolled UCLA students.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Location: 405 Kerckhoff Hall

Description: Nonprofit organization that provides free tax services to the Los Angeles community. They are able to file your Federal and California tax returns and provide tax consultation.


Resources for Filing Taxes - International Students