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UCLA Financial Wellness Program

The Financial Wellness Program has created and collected several tools that may help you on your journey towards economic balance. Please see the link to documents below and check back frequently for more uploads. Also, fee free to check out our Websites and Phone Applications link to see some more personal finance tools our staff recommends.

1. Personal Assessment/Goal Setting:
Personal Financial Wellness Assessment PDF Form

2. Budgeting:
Manage Your Monthly Budget PDF Form
Free Budgeting App for Your Phone

3. Loans/Financial Aid:
Federal Loan Repayment Checklist
Student Loan Repayment Calculator
Stay on Top of Your Federal Loans by Making an Account Here
Understanding How Residency Status Impacts Your Tuition

4. Credit:
Credit Karma - Estimate Your Credit Health Here
Financial Wellness Program Credit Quiz
Credit Card Insider Academy

5. What to do Now That I am Leaving UCLA? :
Financial Wellness Tips for Leaving UCLA Flier.pdf

6. Socializing on a Budget
Top 20 Low-Cost Date Ideas for Bruins