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UCLA Financial Wellness Program

Lily Ball
Debt Management Counselor

As a Debt Management Counselor in the Collections office since 2018, I spend the balance of my time helping alumni understand how to navigate their student loan repayment. As I've become more familiar with the details of the work involved, I've found that having a friendly expert to reach out to is all most people need to conquer their finances. My Master's in Education and years teaching in college classrooms informs my ability to communicate complex concepts clearly, and to connect with people with all levels of financial expertise, so I’m thrilled to be working more closely with Financial Wellness.

Though I've done a lot of traveling, and lived in Japan for a year, I'm most at home where I grew up, in Koreatown in Los Angeles. I traveled all over the US when I hosted a show on the History channel for a season, and before that I taught martial arts for several years. These days, I spend my free time writing fiction, playing board games, and sewing quilts while watching Star Trek. A fun fact about me: I can count in binary on my fingers.