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UCLA Financial Wellness Program

Graduate Financial Wellness Consultant

Hi everyone! My name is Alejandra Magana Gamero and I am one of the graduate consultants. I am currently a 4th year PhD candidate in the Department of Education, in the Social Sciences and Comparative Education Division. I received my Masters of Arts in Education from UCLA, and my Bachelors in Psychology and Ethnic Studies from Santa Clara University. I am also a co-founder of a financial literacy business, Latinas Talk Dinero, where I advocate for culturally relevant, bilingual, and inclusive financial literacy.

I am passionate about financial literacy because I truly believe the tools and skills that financial literacy brings can equip us to succeed in our professional careers. As a first generation Latina and daughter of immigrants, I strive to normalize these topics in our communities and expand access.

In my free time I enjoy camping, hiking, working out, and looking at houses I cannot afford on Zillow (I do this multiple times a day). A fun fact about me is that I have gone sky diving before but I would never go bungee jumping